John Forde
RSA-ADI , F34540

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John Forde
RSA-ADI , F34540

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Welcome to John Forde's Information Pages.

Business Name: A-Forde-Able School of Motoring

Contact John by:
Phone: 086-2461038
Mobile: 086-2461038

About John's Service

John Forde (RSA approved driving instructor, ADI no. F34540) is a driving instructor in A-Forde-Able School of Motoring.

With John, A-Forde-Able School of Motoring driving lessons in Limerick City, and all areas in between.

A-Forde-Able School of Motoring provides dual controlled car/cars for pupils to take their lessons and these cars are also available for students to hire for taking their test. Pupils may also take lessons in their own car once they are deemed to have sufficient experience. Drivers of all ages and levels of experience are welcome. From time to time you may be able to avail of discounts when taking lessons with A-Forde-Able School of Motoring for more information just call John.

Beginner and nervous drivers are very welcome; remember everyone needs to learn and A-Forde-Able School of Motoring is here to help. In addition to standard driving lessons, A-Forde-Able School of Motoring offer the EDT driving course, pre-test and a mock driving test lessons. PLEASE NOTE that you must hold a learner permit to take any driving lessons on public roads. John is very familiar with the driving test, EDT and standards set down by the Road Safety Authority.
A little advice:
After passing your driving test you should take at least one motorway driving lesson.

About John:

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Main area for John is Limerick City Co Limerick but he also covers the area's of:
A-Forde-Able School of Motoring Limerick City Co Limerick.


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